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The CME Network solutions are tailored to meet the special educational needs of the health care audiences. Our solutions are offered through instructionally sound and engaging interactive modules that are delivered using a variety of technologies and platforms to make learning convenient and positive. To achieve the solutions, we blend business perspectives with academic thought and evidence-based medicine, making the CME Network the ideal partner and environment for health care professionals to achieve their goals. Additionally, we apply a consistent process in the development of all content - regardless of the delivery mechanism - to ensure that all of our programs deliver quality content and instruction that positively impact the learners' behavior.


1. Online CME/CE and web-based monographs for physicians, nurses, and
pharmacists are our foundation, and presented in an innovative formats.

2. CD-ROMs, DVDs, and videotapes offer a dimension in the interactive and multi-rich
media, and complement educational programming.

3. Interactive Computer-Based Learning modules give clinicians the opportunity to hone
diagnostic and treatment skills.

4. Case profiles are specific programs for health care professionals who can answer
exam questions, after reading and reviewing the scenarios.

5. High-quality monographs, publications, and slide kits are offered as materials to
complement programming for a live event.

6. Webcasting, as appropriate, is employed to offer the user the conference or meeting
experience, when it is impossible to leave their practice.

Since experience tells us that learning is a process, not an event, we create and execute comprehensive strategies that support health care professionals over time. Considering individuals learn differently, our solutions allow the participant's choices to be supported through multiple methods, technologies, and media.

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