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Philosophy & Goals

The goal of the CME Network is to develop and implement educational activities that facilitate learning, provide a valuable service, and improve the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of health care professionals. These activities become an indispensable reference source that a health care professional will refer to time and again for improved clinical performance and enhanced patient care.

To achieve such goals, the CME Network strives to offer educational activities in multiple modes of instructional and technological delivery, based on adopting the "best of breed" concept. The CME Network also develops integrated activities that address diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prevention, decision analysis, compliance, cost considerations, and other clinical issues to assist in the generation of patient diagnostic and management decisions. Finally, the CME Network employs learning tools to encourage professional development, behavior modification, and effective patient-physician communications.

The CME Network commitment to total clinical education is reflected in the high quality, credible, effective, comprehensive, and innovative programs. Thus, all educational activities are directed toward delivering comprehensive care or treating the "whole patient," and to evaluate the patient in his/her entirety, not just with what the patient may present during an interaction.

Drawing on a network of leading experts, the CME Network develops clinical content and programs that are accurate, current, and practical. To guarantee accuracy of the content from both a clinical and a "real world" perspective, the clinical content is reviewed and approved by a quality assurance team and an Advisory Board. In addition, our academic affiliations give us unique access to leading experts and resources worldwide.

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