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Learning and keeping updated, which was once viewed as a positive experience, has become a survival necessity that empowers the health care professional to compete in the new economy. As a result of rapid change, complex regulations, increasing numbers of new drugs, and the information explosion on the Internet, the demand for continuing education has outpaced most organizations' and institutions' ability to supply it to the health care professional.

The Internet has changed the way people learn and acquire information. A health care professional finds him/herself across from a patient armed with health information they obtained from the Internet. Traditional approaches have proven to be too inefficient, inconvenient, and costly to meet the needs of today's health care professionals. The increasingly knowledge-driven economy requires that education be delivered quickly, conveniently, and effectively.

The CME Network delivers continuing education programs on that requirement while offering an e-learning experience that is unparalleled in the base of medical knowledge. All health care professionals can receive critical and authoritative medical updates whenever convenient - including evenings and weekends.

Multiple studies have shown that multimedia-enriched and interactive e-learning offer numerous advantages. E-learning and specialized training are poised to be the key differentiators of tomorrow's successful practices and positive outcomes. These programs satisfy health care professionals' dramatically increased demand for knowledge - including time-constrained professionals about new medical solutions.

The key advantages include:

• Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
• Programs and materials easily updated;
• Immediate access to current information;
• Accommodating multiple learning styles and control over the process;
• Compares favorably to traditional instructor-led training;
• Case studies are used to stimulate interaction and behavior modification;
• Online courses provide a much less "pressured" environment;
• E-learning complements "live" learning experiences, not replacing;
• Estimates of both cost and time savings are from 50 to 500 percent;
• Improving productivity and time use is more efficient, with no travel.

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