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Stonehouse Media founded the CME Network, a next-generation network of continuing education approaches, platforms, media vehicles, and interactivity for health care professionals. This web-based application is driven by a database of personalized user profiles that tailor streaming video and graphics to the user's training needs. The application focuses on the needs of the user and customizes content and content delivery to those needs.

Stonehouse Media focuses on "the story" of a piece, whether it is dramatic or documentary, instructional or inspirational, reassuring or shocking. When the central message has crystallized, Stonehouse Media crafts a creative approach to get that message across to the target audience. This implementation can take many forms.

An example of a customized training vehicle is the way Stonehouse Media evaluated the way fire investigators were being trained through burning down an actual house; both costly and resource intensive. Stonehouse Media was challenged to build a virtual training environment that put a fire investigator at a real fire scene and allow them to make sense of conflicting evidence, witnesses, and timelines. The solution - interFIRE VR. Photorealistic virtual reality provides an elegant immersion interface, and extensive, custom-built tracking software records and judges the user's progress.

Since 1998, the CME Network produced educational programs in various formats and in association with numerous institutions and organizations. The Internet focus is a direct result of rapid and numerous changes in medicine, procedures, drugs, and information availability. The demand has outpaced supply. Through blending business perspectives with evidence-based medicine and academic thought, the CME Network with its e-learning is poised to be the key differentiator of tomorrow's successful practices and positive outcomes.

The CME Network's ability to provide an impartial and safe environment for innovative thought ideally positions us to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our affiliation with Stonehouse Media enhances our ability to develop the right program in the right manner; a more realistic and powerful program.

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